Our highly experienced group of engineers, electricians and riggers have worked for Printing & Graphic for more than 20 years. We have specialist engineers each with more than twenty years experience in both bookbinding and offset machinery, based at our Bourne End factory close to Heathrow airport.

  • Dismantle - PGM Engineers are experienced in all different types of machinery across used sheetfed and bookbinding machines. We dismantle the machinery taking time and care to ensure all the different parts are marked, and packed safely, for transport anywhere in the world.
  • Load - Our engineers have vast experience in loading different types and sizes of machines into containers, and onto trailers. Including oversize and heavy machinery. We can ensure all parts of the machine will be loaded safely on to transport to ensure no movement of parts, and that the machine is safe whether it is travelling by truck or container. We are experienced in using all types of lifting equipment, and have been loading and shipping machinery worldwide since 1977.
  • Transport - We have worldwide contacts in the shipping industry to ensure we get the best price for you with the best service. PGM do not make a profit on the shipping of machines, so the benefits of shipping a high number of machines per year are passed on to you our client.
  • Install - PGM Engineers can seamlessly install all the different types of machines we handle. No job is too big or too small. We sell machinery to a mixed demographic, whom all have differing requirements for installations. We liaise every step of the way with you to ensure all requirements are met and the installations process is easy for all parties.

Why not have your machine installed by the same people who dismantled it?

This is a very safe way to ensure that the machine you buy will look just the same in your factory. This team have installed machinery in nearly every country in Europe, the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Mexico and the Middle East.

Being UK based their experience in the home market is naturally extensive. We will be pleased to give you customer references from the many countries we deal with.

Printing & Graphic Machinery have all the most up-to-date equipment and specialised moving equipment from all the major manufacturers, including Cryogenesis dry ice cleaning facility and Spraybake booth. Our Installation engineers are fully insured for all aspects of the dismantling, rigging, moving and re-installation.