Buying New Used Machines Can Help......


In the current market conditions, we are all looking for ways to improve productivity and making the most of what we have. 


As a used machinery dealer we of course have vested interest in this area. 


Buying a new used machine is a fantastic opportunity to replace ageing equipment and the right machine can save time and money for printers everywhere.


We have a wide array of enquiries from clients throughout the world who know what machine they are looking for. 


We also have people that will look for certain specifics and we try to offer a solution to this from various manufacturers e.g 5 colour + coater or binder with Pur/Hotmelt & 12 station gatherer.


Buying a used machine can offer a significant saving versus a new machine but it does come with pitfalls. We offer different types of sales of used machines.


We can offer used machines coming from site which tend to have a wipe down on dismantling and the machine will be delivered in the same condition it has been inspected. Always inspect a machine prior to purchase.


We also offer full refurbishment. You can see some of our successful refurb and installs on our gallery page


A used machine is perfect for people wanting to improve production. Maybe bring something in house like perfect binding that used to be outsourced and be able to control costs, timescales and of course quality.


The used machinery market is a very competitive arena, there are a number of reputable dealers out there, however if you are reading this then stick with PGM. If you do find yourself buying from someone other than us, have a word with yourself then follow our tips below.


NEVER pay a deposit prior to inspection. Reputable dealers will not request this. We will normally give people an option period to facilitate an inspection and some decision making time afterwards.


ALWAYS inspect a machine and preferably with a qualified engineer. Without an inspection there can always be areas of contention.  On inspection you can point things out to the seller and address any worries while in front of the machine.


CHECK the history of a machine. If you have been told the machine has been under a service contract there will be records of this. In addition what type of jobs have been carried out. 


DO NOT think that a high impression count machine can be ruled out straight away. The developments in technology and speeds printers are now achieving mean that we will see machines add higher numbers of impressions over the course of a year and beyond. A well maintained higher impression count machine can give you just what you need.


 PROTECT yourself when sending large sums of money. We accept letters of credit for up to 90% of the deal. This protects the buyer and seller. Payment by Bank Transfer also has some safeguards in place and does not have the same charges as an L/C.


  Start your search for a new used machine today by contacting one of our sales executives on +44(0) 1628 527 372 or email we are always here to help and advise. 



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