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Our Reference: 19792 Price: Login Required
2002 Kolbus KM472A (Available Immediately)
20 station ZU 804 gatherer, Solema Fastbook, 21 clamp binder, micro notching and brushing, milling, equalizing, notching, Hotmelt spine and side glue, stream cover feeder, Twin nipping, Gripper Carriage delivery, Ambaflex tower conveyor, HD150-B trimmer
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Our Reference: 19880 Price: Login Required
2002 Kolbus HD151p (Available Immediately)
Right hand infeed, Cutting Cassettes system, max trimmed size 300 x 388 x 80 mm, Min trimmed size 100 x 120 x 2 mm, speed 6,600 cuts/hour
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Our Reference: 19839 Price: Login Required
2001 Kolbus KM472A (Available January)
12 station ZU840 gatherer, handfeed station, signature recognition, 21 clamp binder, Hotmelt spine and side glue, PUR, stream cover feeder, Tower conveyor, HD 151.P 3-Knife Trimmer, Rima stacker
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Our Reference: 19760 Price: Login Required
2000 Kolbus KM 496 Publica (Available immediately)
18 st gatherer type ZU 840, handfeed station, signature recognition, AS reject unit, 27 clamp binder, milling, equalizing, notching, micro notching and brushing, Hotmelt spine and side glue, PUR spine gluing, Nordson pre-melt tank, stream cover feeder, 2 pressing stations, Laydown to conveyors, Tower conveyor, HD 153p trimmer with co pilot, OMG stacker, Speed 13,000/hr
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Our Reference: 19822 Price: Login Required
1999 Kolbus DS391 stacker (Available Immediately)
Max format 305 x 375 x 80 mm, Min bookblock 100 x 125 x 4mm, max speed 65 books/min
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