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Machine Sales List

Make: Roland Model: R504 PLV (Price: Login Required )

Year: 2007
Colours: 4
Impressions: 64000000
Availability: TBC
Our Ref: lblID
Press Pilot, PPL, ColorPilot D- Densitometrie, Deltamatic
damping, Technotrans, Auto Ink roller wash, Auto Blanket
Wash, Double size impression cylinder, Preset, Diagonal
Register, Chamber doctor blade system, IR dryer,
Extended delivery, Grafix powder spray, 18,000 Sheets Per

Make: Roland Model: R702+SW (Price: Login Required )

Year: 2004
Colours: 2
Impressions: 73000000
Availability: Immediately
Our Ref: lblID
RCI 2, Deltamatic, PPL, Air Glide Delivery, Auto Blanket
Wash, Auto Impression Cylinder Wash, Powder Spray, Non
Stop Feeder, Profit Plus Package

Make: Roland Model: R504+LV (Price: Login Required )

Year: 2003
Colours: 4
Impressions: 51000000
Availability: 13 Aug 2014
Our Ref: lblID
RCI, CCI Ink Control, PPL, Deltamatic damping,
Technotrans refrigeration, Ink Temperature Control, Auto
Ink roller wash, Auto Blanket Wash, Auto Impression
Cylinder Wash, Non-stop feeder & delivery, Eltex
Antistatic, Dedicated Coater, I/R Dryer + Hot air, Powder